Our Phonecard and Travel SIM services will cease operation on June 30th, 2021.

For more information, please read our letter to our customers and FAQ.

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Phonecard call costs
Select the country you are calling from and the country you are calling to.

Voicemail/Email costs
Select the country you are calling from, then select 'Voicemail'. It is free to listen from the website.

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Some hotels charge for calling toll-free numbers. When using ekit from a hotel, ask the hotel operator how to make a toll-free call.

When using mobile phones to access ekit, you could be charged for the call to the toll-free access number by your mobile phone service provider.

The availability and functionality of this service may be affected by the telephone facilities in the country you are in.

Some calls from other countries do not carry Caller ID. Caller ID Blocking services offered by local telecommunications companies will block these calls. Please ensure that family and friends you wish to call while you are away have temporarily disabled all Caller ID Blocking Features (such as Anonymous Call Rejection and Call Intercept services).